Bintochan Charcoal Water Filter - Pack of 4

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Pack of 4 Bintochan Charcoal Water Filters by Black+Blum. These filters are made from 100% natural wood and ready for immediate use. Just add the filter to a jar or bottle of water and leave at least 1 hour to remove chemicals like chlorine. 

The filtering works using a process similar to a reverse osmosis system, where the positive ions of contaminants in the water are attracted to the negative surface of the carbon where they are held. It effectively removes contaminants to deliver fresh and pure water

Each filter can be reused and it will last for 6 months, which means this pack of 4 filters is 2 years' worth of water filtration!

100% Natural Wood

2 years' worth of water filtration.

The filters are individually vacuum packed for immediate use. 

Always use with safe drinking water. 

Each filter lasts 6 months. Boil for 10 minutes after 3 months to recharge

After 6 months it can be reused as an odour remover, plant fertiliser or on a fire.

Founded in 1998, Black+Blum offers sustainable and stylish food and drink on-the-go range. All products are designed with rigorous attention to detail and a focus on sustainability, and they inspire a sense of well-being. 


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