Dental Supplement - Vitamins & Minerals

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Dental supplement by Georganics. These tablets are specifically formulated to replenish the minerals of your teeth and keep strong and healthy teeth and gums. Packed with vitamin K2 and D3, they will improve calcium absorption contributing to stronger teeth and bones. Additionally vitamin E, C and A promote tissue formation, which will help you maintain long term healthy gums.

Take 1 tablet orally per day, preferably with your meal.

Calcium 100mg^, Vitamin C 250mg*^, Magnesium 75mg^, Potassium 50mg^, Vitamin D3 1000IU^, Vitamin E 10mg*^, Iron 3.5mg^, Vitamin K2 (MK7) 62.5mcg*^, Vitamin A 350mcg*^, Copper 0.25mg^, Zinc 0.75mg^, Manganese 0.20mg^. 


^Food Grade

Georganics offers natural and sustainable oral care products. Using only pure, organic and natural ingredients, Georganics avoids any synthetic chemicals that might be harmful for the user or the environment. All products are handmade in Sussex, England. 


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