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Laundry Detergent Eco-Strips by Tru Earth. The perfect zero waste laundry detergent. Forget about heavy plastic bottles that take up lots of space, these strips are lightweight, plastic free and easy to use. Simply add 1 strip to your laundry and it will dissolve while getting rid of stains and tough spills.

Vegan & Cruelty Free


Hypoallergenic and Paraben Free

32 strips for 32 washes 

Detach a strip. Place it inside the washer if it is top load and in the detergent dispenser if it is front load. You can tear the strip into smaller pieces if necessary.

Add clothes and start washer. The strip will dissolve completely effectively cleaning your clothes.

You should use 1 strip per load, but you can use half a strip if the load is small or 2 strips if big. Suitable for all washing machines and effective in hot and cold water. 

Tru Earth creates products that empower people to choose sustainability without compromising convenience. In fact, they make eco-friendly and sustainable packaging convenient and easy to use.


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