Natural Toothpaste - Tea Tree

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Natural and organic toothpaste by GeorganicsThis natural toothpaste is blended with organic Tea Tree oil and it is perfect to help you treat gum disease. Tea Tree leaves have strong antiseptic properties, promote wound healing and sooth skin inflammation so it is one of the best solutions for healing gum disease and mouth wounds.  

100% pure and safe formulation

Fluoride Free and SLS Free

Vegan and cruelty free

Store in a dry place for up to 12 months after opening.

Put a small amount into your toothbrush using the spatula, the size of a pea will do it. Brush your teeth as usual for a couple of minutes and then rinse well. When you finish, just close the lid and avoid any water entering the jar. 

Calcium Carbonate^, Caprylic & Capric Triglyceride*^, Kaolin^, Cocos Nucifera Oil*^, Butyrospermum Parkii Butter*^, Diatomaceous Earth*^, Sodium Bicarbonate^, Melaleuca Alternifolia Leaf Oil*^, Tocopherol^, Limonene*^. *Organic^Food Grade. 

Georganics offers natural and sustainable oral care products. Using only pure, organic and natural ingredients, Georganics avoids any synthetic chemicals that might be harmful for the user or the environment. All products are handmade in Sussex, England. 

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