Plastic Free Cleaning Solution Set


100% plastic free cleaning solutions by Iron & Velvet. This set is ideal to replace the cleaning products that come in disposable plastic bottles. These cleaning solutions are small sachets that are dissolved in water and they can be used in existing spray bottles. So just dissolve them in water and make your own cleaning products at home!

The set includes 5 different solutions that will cover your household cleaning and they are identified by numerical codes. 

  • Bathroom: antibacterial surface cleaner (002)
  • Kitchen: surface cleaner (003) and oven cleaner (005)
  • Household: Glass and mirror cleaner (006) and floor cleaner (007)

Bottle NOT included.

How to use 

Dissolve one sachet in 250/500ml of slightly warm water (water volume depends on application and it is indicated in the instructions). Shake until its dissolved and before using it.

For the floor cleaner (007), dissolve one sachet in 250ml of water and then dilute 50ml of this concentrate into a bucket of water. 

Always dissolve the sachet in water, never use a sachet neat

Store in a dry place and keep between 5°C and 35°C

Keep out of reach of children and pets

Test the product on a small hidden section before use

About Iron & Velvet

Iron & Velvet was launched in 2014 and its mission is to deliver a high quality cleaning product that is 100% plastic free. 

All products are made in the heart of West Midlands using plant derived and sustainably sourced ingredients.

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  • Are your products cruelty free?

    Hi Sarah,

    Absolutely, this product has not been tested on animals.
    We always work with suppliers that share our ethos.

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