eXXpedition and The Clean Market

Written by LILY STUART - eXXpedition Crew Member, Leg 5 
On the 10th of December 2019 I will be setting sail from Aruba to Panama through the breath-taking San Blas Islands with an all-female crew in the name of science and sustainability. eXXpedition Round the World will span 2 years, traversing 38,000 nautical miles split across 30 voyage legs. 300 women will experience first-hand the challenges we face from single-use plastics while contributing to cutting-edge scientific research and solutions-based thinking.

I’m a sustainability professional and beyond thrilled to be joining a crew of women committed to challenging the status quo and being part of the solution!

Why only women?

Despite significant progress, women are still underrepresented in the science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) sectors. Globally, women occupy only 13% of the STEM workforce (including health professionals).

That’s not the only reason eXXpedition takes on an all-female crew. Historically, research on female-specific diseases caused by chemicals in manufactured plastics and chemicals in everyday products has held a relatively low profile. This imbalance in research is becoming increasingly important as the incidences of infertility and non-communicable diseases, such as cancers, are increasing. eXXpedition brings awareness to both ocean health and the dearth of research around women’s health in a polluted environment.
Plastic pollution and debris tracking by eXXpedition
The Clean Market

The Clean Market is on the front line of solutions-based thinking. What we need is an evolution to a low waste economy with minimal impact on our daily lives. The Clean Market is here to help you begin or even hone your low waste transition. They curate a collection of ethical, innovative and beautiful products geared towards a streamlined, clutter-free lifestyle. By choosing products free from plastic and artificial ingredients, you can reduce your environmental footprint and support small businesses.
In the mission to preserve our ailing planet, collaboration is key. When something feels as insurmountable as ocean plastic pollution, there is certainly strength in numbers.
I have the privilege of collaborating with The Clean Market for my voyage. They have kindly sponsored my trip and together we have created The Survival Kit inspired by the eXXpedition ethos. 10% of the sales of each kit will go directly to eXXpedition supporting more research and community outreach projects. The Survival Kit is not just for the sea fairer, but designed for all low-waste, light weight adventurers. It’s everything you’ll need to stay fresh and clean without weighing you down! I’ll be putting our Survival Kit to the test on a 2-week sailing trip so stay tuned for dispatches from aboard the S.V. TravelEdge.
The Clean Market logo
eXXpedition Round the world 2019-2020 Crew Supporter