Is there anything that makes more sense than this?


When we started The Clean Market, protecting the planet was our number one priority. To do so, we are trying to encourage people to cut down on plastic and other pollutants and live sustainably by offering innovative solutions to help maintain that lifestyle.

Yes, sustainability is ideal. Yes, organic products are great. Yes, plastic-free packaging is inspiring. Yet, that’s just not enough. In fact, if we are serious about tackling climate change crisis, we must take more actions. Our actions today will determine whether how our generation and especially future generations live in a greener, cleaner and healthier planet. 

Even though, the benefits of our actions today might take 50-100 years to appear, our kids will live in a healthier planet, with more trees and a cleaner air. To start with, we are teaming up with ONE TREE PLANTED, a non-profit organisation which does an amazing job of planting tree all over the world. We are going to donate to ONE TREE PLANTED in order to plant a tree for every box purchased. Our goal is simple. More trees, less pollution and a cleaner water making our planet happier.

We simply need to plant more trees because they release clean Oxygen and absorb harmful greenhouse gases which helps massively in tackling climate change. Interestingly, when trees capture rainwater, there is a less risk of natural disasters, especially floods. The UN estimates that a mature tree is capable of intercepting around 15 thousand litres of water annually. It gets better, trees provide food and shelter to thousands of species resulting in increased biodiversity. In fact, humans rely on trees to build homes, produce food and medicine and make our planet healthier and safer. We all enjoy a walk in the park, a refreshing run and reconnecting with nature when we are stressed or anxious. With all these benefits, it’s just the right thing to do. Is there anything that makes more sense than planting more trees?

At The Clean Market, we don’t think so!