One year of thinking clean

On the 25th of July The Clean Market celebrates its first anniversary. The Clean Market was born with the mission to offer eco-friendly solutions to help people live a sustainable lifestyle in order to make the planet cleaner, greener and more sustainable for us and future generations. Luckily, we are not the only ones with this mentality and an increasing number of similar businesses exist nowadays.

However, at The Clean Market we think our actions are what define us and make us different from the rest. During this year we had the opportunity to take part in some interesting projects that allowed us to make a difference and have a positive impact. The following lines summarise what we have done in the last 365 days.  


One Tree Planted

When we started The Clean Market we pledged to give something back. We decided that for every Sustainable Box sold, we would plant one tree through the One Tree Planted organisation. Due to the increasing number of wildfires in the Amazon rainforest the choice was fairly easy. These wildfires had an enormous impact on the environment, increasing the CO2 emissions and affecting negatively, not only the biodiversity but also endangering indigenous tribes that live within the Amazon.

It is estimated that around 9.065 km2 (3,500 sq. mi) were affected by the wildfires. To give you a better idea, that is almost 6 times the size of Greater London. Thanks to you, we have planted hundreds of trees during this year and we hope many more will follow.


eXXpedition Round the World

eXXpedition Round the World is an all-female journey around the world to study the impact of plastic and toxics in the oceans. This journey will take 2 years to complete and the resulting findings will be of enormous importance to adopt measures and effectively tackle the problem of plastic pollution.

We had the opportunity to support Lily Stuart, a sustainability professional and crew member of the project, in her journey from Aruba to Panama. From shampoo to deodorant, we provided a range of sustainable products she would need during the journey so she could focus on what really matters: plastic pollution. We are always proud and open to collaborate with similar projects whenever we can.


Soaps for Life

The Covid-19 outbreak has plunged the world into an unprecedented crisis, but we hope everything will be back to normal soon. During times like these is when we have to look after each other and ensure no one is left behind. Through the Soaps for Life initiative, we donated 100 soaps to the most vulnerable and those with difficulties accessing supplies. We hope this initiative allowed and encouraged people to wash their hands more regularly in order to stay clean and healthy.


Finally, we want to thank you for your passionate support during this year. We are sure the years ahead are full of exciting projects and challenges and we would like you to join us on this journey. Because at the end of the day, we all can do our bit to make this world a better place.