Natural Loofah Bath Sponge


Natural Loofah Sponge by LoofCo. This lovely sponge is the perfect alternative to plastic sponges. Made from natural loofah fibres, it becomes spongy when soaked in water to be a gentle exfoliator. It can be reused many times and it is completely compostable at the end of its useful life. It has a cotton tie to hang dry.

100% Natural & Plastic Free

Vegan & Cruelty Free


Washing machine washable

Loofah plant and cotton

15 x 13 cm with a cotton hanging loop

Immerse in water to swell up and become soft and spongy.

Rinse thoroughly before first use.

Use on damp skin with soap in a circular motion to exfoliate and invigorate, leaving a fresh, clean and soft skin.

After use, squeeze excess of water and hang to dry

You can hot wash in the washing machine to reuse

Compostable in your compost bin at the end of its useful life

LoofCo offers a range of sustainable pads, brushes and accessories made from natural plant fibres. All its products are a plastic free, biodegradable and recyclable alternatives to conventional brushes, exfoliators and sponges.


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